19 Lipiec 2024 - Wincentego i Wodzisława
Dzień Czerwonego Kapturka

About the school

The school was founded in 1958 as a factory educational institution of the Textile Machines Factory „Befama”. On February 27,1996 the school’s name was changed into The Combined Schools of Commerce and Technology by the resolution nb XXVI/358/96 of City Council in Bielsko- Biała. On April 13,2005 the school celebrated a solemn ceremony of conferring the name of an outstanding pilot – Franciszek Kępka.

Nowadays, the school teaches students in technical and commercial faculties preparing them for attractive professions needed on Polish job market and in other European Union countries. The graduates of technical school get the professional title of mechanical technician, aircraft mechanical technician, aviation technician, advertising organization technician or commerce technician, depending on a chosen faculty and a school type. Within the faculty, students may choose different specialities. Our school is the only one which has been for 29 years training in aircraft faculty in this region. Students get not only the theoretical knowledge about aircrafts but also the practical one within the training program in the companies dealing with aviation branch.

The school has a certified training and examinating laboratory where the exams at European Certificate of Computer Knowledge are carried out within: e-Citizen ECDL, ECDL Core, ECDL Advanced, ECDL WebStarter, ECDL CAD. The school is also an examination center of the District Examination Commitee in Jaworzno. Students from our school take part in numerous competitions and they receive many awards every year. The school offers the possibility of gaining secondary education and maturity certificate as well as professional qualifications. Most of our graduates continue their education at high schools and they easily find a job.

Since 1989 our school has been cooperating with the VOLKSWAGEN concern. Within this cooperation Polish and German students take part in international youth exchange three times a year.